Only recently have researchers started to consider the importance of team identification. While being a sports fan is not a new concept, what has changed are the ways in which we identify with and experience sport. Trending developments like Social Media Sports (#SMSports) and virtual reality have become embedded as new pillars within the industry. […]

The Digital Entertainment World Conference was a hit with stimulating exhibits and thought-provoking panel discussions spanning over the course of two days. From music and esports to virtual reality and content marketing – #DEW2017 covered the latest trends and developments in the entertainment industry. I left the event with several lasting impressions that ought to be shared if you’re […]

Back in November, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Everything VR & AR Podcast with terrific host Kevin Harvell. On the hells of the Virtual Reality (VR) Summit conference in San Diego, CA, I was asked to speak about VR in sports. And I emphasized the importance of complementing the game – […] SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Zeality, the industry’s first immersive media platform to bridge the gap between VR content, social engagement, and commerce, introduces Re/Lives.  Re/Lives, also known as reaction videos, is an innovative patent-pending feature delivering a unique way to record and share your viewing experience within a 360 video.  The […]

In December 2016, Tunisha Singleton, PhD spoke on a panel at the Virtual Reality Summit in San Diego, CA. Alongside virtual reality (VR) notables Joel Newton, Zeality CEO Dipak Patel, and VR director Adam Snell, Dr. Singleton added an intriguing perspective of media psychology. “Sport is so tribal there must be an integration of social presence […]

Media is an influential medium to cultivate new ideas and potentially spark attitudinal changes. In the Spring of 2016, Dr. Tunisha Singleton had the esteemed pleasure of taking part in a Department of Defense supervised simulation to create counter terrorism messages using narrative persuasion and positive psychology. Members of the Media Psychology department at Fielding Graduate University were […]

  Content. Content. Content. That was the running theme in the latest Fall edition of the Digital Hollywood conference. Software developers, entertainment producers and educators alike all gathered over the course of four days to listen in on panelists preaching the need for smart content and audience engagement in the age of advanced media. Emerging […] Being a sports fan is not a new concept. What has changed however are the ways in which we identify with and experience sport. Current research has largely considered sport fans to be organization members due to a set of shared, defining attributes between team, player and consumer. Yet previous scales of team identification […]

Being a sports fan is nothing new. But the ways in which we experience sport continue to change. Explore the mental market of sports from an emotional and digital perspective. Topics include fan affiliation, consumer behavior, media evolution, virtual reality, selfies, and organizational components of commitment.  

It’s 1911. You’re sitting in a public auditorium “watching” a Kansas vs Missouri college football game. How? You’re waiting for the guy whose job it is to take a series of play by play western union telegrams and update the board where a mechanical representation of the game stood on stage. Now that…is patience. But even more than patience, […]

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