I See You!!! – Edition 2: Ray Lewis

{I See You!!! is a regularly updated shout out report to acknowledge any positive or ordinarily unsung noun. If you don’t know what a noun is, immediately force quit your browser.}

Entrepreneur and mega producer Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Ray Lewis in a joint effort to create a Mix Tape. (If you’re not familiar, a Mix Tape is a compilation of music featuring different beats, artists, and is typically not released through record labels. They are considered more underground and began by literally sharing cassette tapes amongst each other.) Lewis might be retired from playing the game of football but he is certainly doing enough to still warrant my attention.

Lewis and Williams are together known as the Natural Born Hitters, sponsored by Under Armour. The collection of tracks were made in conjunction with a short film titled Ready For August about Lewis’ early football career trailing back to high school.

I have always found Lewis’ character to be synonymous with inspiration. His voice alone commands my attention and is overflowed with such a convincing gospel. If I could have Lewis follow me around as a life coach and just regurgitate fortune cookie phrases, I swear I’d be able to accomplish anything. (And wouldn’t that make for a hysterical visual? Think about it…a Ray Lewis alarm clock. 6am – you don’t wake up to the radio. Instead you get Lewis with his trademark war paint barking at the head of your bed “TIME TO RISE UP AND FACE THE DAY’S OBSTACLES! YOU ARE NOT WEAK FOR YOU ARE STRONG” etc etc etc.)

Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 12.14.41 AM

There are 3 tracks out now for download on this Under Armour page with an additional track being released during a Monday Night Football game on Sept. 23 via a contest. This song below is my favorite and to me epitomizes the type of man Lewis is. When you look at yourself in the mirror…you ask yourself this question…did I give it everything I got…did I lay it all on the line…or am I cheating myself? Ahhhhhhh! Makes me wanna go out and make some GainZ! I will certainly be adding this to my work out playlist.

Good job Ray-Ray!!!

I See You…



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