#UFC200 – Cause Marketing Winner & Social Media Champ

UFC 200 is over and in the books.

Despite having 3 different main events in 24hours, the most anticipated PPV of the year was a success with 18,200+ in attendance and a $10.7 million live gate.

Aside from the business and attention it attracted, #UFC200 also won in the cage of social media by quickly becoming a trending topic for the entire fight week.

UFC and MMA insiders used the platform to let consumers inside the new T-Mobile Arena to share the Fan Expo experience and relive the card’s notable moments.


But really at the end of the day…anyone can post a pretty photo or gif a kick, right? So here’s where the UFC digital media team excelled – experiential content.

Strategies of audience engagement will always be undefeated. And fight fans were more than willing to participate & share their allegiances.

➡️ ➡️  There’s a gift to producing snackable content that’s easy to digest, giving the consumer the information they want and need. 💯💯

A social media digest is necessary when you have a brand and product as large as the UFC, particularly when the content is spread across multiple platforms. Between the online stream, Fight Pass, Fox Sports, and the actual pay per view, fight fans gravitated to social media to consume not just the fight results, but also to partake in the always changing UFC story.

Emotionally set the stage. Blitz the audience with content.

Tell the story.

Clean, clear, go-to guides remained highly visual, authentic, and allowed fans to feel apart of the UFC FightWeek experience – and all in real time.

Besides keeping up with the fights, UFC used the attention it garnered for social advocacy. Through brand activation and social media strategy, a cause marketing effort was launched where its message of #LoveIsLove transcended the digital space and entered the streets.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.40.59 PM.png

The Center supports the greater Las Vegas area by promoting activities directed at furthering the well being, positive image, and human rights of the LGBTQ community. Professional fighters, UFC affiliates and fans all participated by purchasing tees to raise awareness and offer their large, global platform of support down to a tangible, localized level.

Partnerships like these would not reach ultimate success without the strategic, timely, and highly emotional use of social media.

#WeAreAllFighters – a joint brand message transcending mixed martial arts and entering the core values of humanity.


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