Unifying Game Day: Transmedia Storytelling in Sports: You can’t talk about storytelling today without noting how technology has changed the way stories are distributed. Video games and websites or the big screen and second screens – brand stories today are systematically disbursed across multiple platforms in order to fit our contemporary lifestyles in a strategy called transmedia storytelling. This narrative approach is also used in professional and collegiate sports, giving fans an avenue to equally participate and consume consistent content that provides additional storylines to compliment the game day experience. This presentation explores sport as a transmedia property with examples of how it reflects fandom communities and business operations.

Inside the Sport Experience: Rise of the Quantified Smart Fan: While being a sports fan is not a new concept, what has changed are the ways in which we identify with and experience sport. This presentation looks at the evolution of sport media consumption and fan identification. The transition from simple spectator to quantified smart fan is highlighted while presenting common practices for social and immersive media use within the sports industry.

What’s An Experience? Sports Essence Revealed Through Psychology & Immersive Design: While products and services come and go, experiences remain and leave long-lasting impressions on consumers. In the vertical of sports, experiences are even more crucial because of the implications they have on identity, affiliation, and emotion. This presentation dives into the mental market of sports by exploring the evolution of media consumption, providing an illustration of sports experiential ecosystem, and sharing the 3 keys to immersive design.

Emotion Gridiron: Psychology of Sport Identification & the Digital Experience: Being a sports fan is nothing new. But the ways in which we experience sport continue to change. Explore the mental market of sports from an emotional and digital perspective. Topics include fan affiliation, consumer behavior, media evolution, virtual reality, selfies, and organizational components of commitment

Cut Through the Noise: The 3Es of Brand Storytelling: The gridirons of digital media and physical space are both saturated with media content. So how is a brand, product, or service supposed to separate itself from the noise? By never overlooking the power of story and the 3Es: Emotion, Engagement, and Experience. This presentation dives into each of the Es with a conceptual framework, current marketing examples, and notes of how technology has become a conduit to emotion and greater experiences along the way.

Self Snapshot: Sport Related Selfies Enhancing Identity & Extending Experiences: There’s nothing new about being a sports fan – except the ways that we promote our allegiances and boost our own egos. Own a jersey? Hat? Hoodie? Ever paint your face in team colors? Those are traditional visible signifiers. Now those visible signifiers have become digital with the subliminal intent to be shared.

The upshots of sport related selfies are: 1) highlight team-identification 2) increase esteem and 3) validate affiliation and ego. Consumer research behind fan psychology needs digital marketers and brand affiliates to create authentic opportunities to achieve these cognitive outcomes. Overall, consumers want to feel it, share it, and remember it.

What’s the Point with Tech Anyway?: Applying story to innovation.

Virtual Fandemonium: Considerations for Virtual Reality in Sports Media Consumption: VR in sports is here. Immersive media has been adopted across collegiate and professional leagues to increase athlete performance. But can the sport experience and fan identity benefit from VR too?

The aim of this research is to evaluate the perceived impact virtual reality can have on consumers and gain a measure of its value in the live sports media space. Do sport consumers have a willingness to participate in immersive spaces when watching sports? What level of affiliation is most willing to try new forms of media consumption, i.e. virtual reality? Is there a demand for a more interactive environment in media?

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