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What’s an Experience? The Essence of VR & Sports Revealed in Media Psychology and Immersive Design

  Content. Content. Content. That was the running theme in the latest Fall edition of the Digital Hollywood conference. Software developers, entertainment producers and educators alike all gathered over the course of four days to listen in on panelists preaching the need for smart content and audience engagement in the age of advanced media. Emerging […]

Cutting Through the Haunted Fun House Noise

Sometimes I think life is like a haunted fun house…stuff just uninvitedly pops up anytime from everywhere trying to distract you, scare you, throw you off and make you play their game of acknowledging it’s presence. 🤔… Media really isn’t much different is it? Whether its an app you’re not even participating in but the […]

Sport Selfies Extending Experiences & Making Self-Meaning

  There’s nothing new about being a sports fan – except the ways that we promote our allegiances and boost our own egos. Own a jersey? Hat? Hoodie? Ever paint your face in team colors? Got a car decal with a brand logo? Those are traditional visible signifiers. Now those visible signifiers have become digital with […]

Rousey’s Redemption – When Women Empowerment Meets Branding

“I’m fine not being perfect” Reebok nor UFC has “officially” named it this…but I’m going to go ahead and call these next few months the Ronda Rousey Redemption Tour (sponsored by Reebok…). Perfect never gets a shot @ redemption. So yeah, I'm fine not being perfect. #PerfectNever #BeMoreHuman @ReebokWomen pic.twitter.com/wnVmwXRo53 — Ronda Rousey (@RondaRousey) July 12, 2016 The […]

DVR & Live Sports Influence on NBA Free Agency

  Fans have forever reacted to free agency deals as if it's their own money. https://t.co/xOCYXyPtto — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) July 1, 2016 Al Horford – 4yrs $113M to the Celtics Luol Deng – $72M to the Lakers Dwight Howard – $70.5M to the Hawks DeMar DeRozan – $139M resign with Raptors Mike Conley – […]

Experience and Storytelling Behind Stealth VR

The experience behind media and technology is far superior to the content and/or platform that delivers it. From movie theatres to a Netflix binge, the feelings drawn from any event create an overall essence that sticks with you far beyond its duration. You know how that one movie still makes you cry even though you’ve seen it 100 […]

Social TV App Exclusively For Sports Fans Raises $2 Million; Seeks To Cure Watching Sports Alone – Forbes

“Our original thinking was that you find yourself watching sports alone, and that’s ridiculous.” – fanatix founder and CEO Will Muirhead Sitting home alone watching the San Diego Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs is not the most exciting way…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.forbes.com

Watching sports doesn’t have to be a unidimensional experience anymore. Connect and engage now with new activity-centered designs in digital media. 

Virtual Fandemonium: Visualizing Data on the Use of VR to Consume Live Sports

VR in sports is here. Immersive media has been adopted across collegiate and professional leagues to increase athlete performance. But can the sport experience and fan identity benefit from VR too?

Audience Engagement & Living “Hardcore”… Clippers Rebrand Means More Than Just a New Logo

“Change is always hard on some people…But the truth is people get through change. If you love the Clippers, you’ll love the new Clipper logo.” That’s what Clippers owner Steve Ballmer told a LA Times reporter about the new look that initially made social media nauseous. Like most changes in life, it takes time to adjust […]

Twitter Taking Over Sports – 1 Game Ball at a Time

Well score one for Twitter. Starting in the upcoming 2014-2015 season, the @NBA twitter handle will be etched into the game ball. Might not be considered huge news compared to the hullabaloo around LeBron “coming home,” using #23 again, or Byron Scott finally becoming the Lakers coach (a position, I might add, he should have […]

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